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Jesus answered, “I am the way and truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

General Fund

Donations to our general fund are used to pay for maintenance, purchase new equipment, and small to medium sized improvements such as the new tent cabin & remodeling Live Oak. Donations to this category are also used to service the debt (pay interest) on the 120 acres we purchased in 2001.

Each year approximately $100,000 is needed to help us continually improve Daybreak.

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Bridge the Gap

Donations to “Bridge the Gap” are used to pay the remaining debt (principle) on the new property. Just 3 years ago we began the “Bridge the Gap” campaign and we already have raised over $600,000. That has reduced our debt from $1.3 million to just under $700,000—almost half of the total amount we need to raise!

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Campership Fund

Through our Campership Fund we help those who cannot afford the cost of camp, and we do not turn anyone away. This year alone we helped 40 people come to camp. Our total giving to those in need was over $8,000.

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The story of Bridge the Gap

When our Bridge the Gap campaign launched in 2012, it was designed as a specific effort to retire the debt incurred from the purchase of Felton Meadows—the 120-acre addition to Daybreak Camp’s property.

Since that time, many Daybreak supporters have stepped out in faith and generosity to continue to retire this worthwhile debt. Little did we know that over the years, Bridge the Gap would come to mean and embody so much more than a single effort.

When exploring the meaning of the phrase, we found that it really means making a connection where there is a great difference. Jesus, being perfect in all aspects, bridged the gap between God and man by dying on the cross and taking our sin so that we can have a relationship with Him! He is the King of kings, yet also the servant of us all. There had to be a way to bridge that gap to save mankind from eternal separation from God. Jesus is that bridge.

Everything we do at Daybreak Camp is an expression of “bridging the gap.” Each of our camps — Adventure Camp, WildSide, FDC and Daybreak Family Camp (the newest addition to the ministry) — intentionally bridges the gap by encouraging campers to consider their relationship with Jesus Christ. Bridge the gap is about supporting one another on the journey to building a stronger faith.

Daybreak Camp also serves as a mission field, providing an opportunity for individuals and groups to work side by side to support each other and the camp. These experiences allow us to be part of something bigger than ourselves, to encourage the development of a strong faith in ourselves and each other, and to directly benefit God’s kingdom.

Another way we “bridge the gap” is through maintaining and improving Daybreak Camp facilities. This is essential, prudent and wise stewardship. When we do this we honor the vision of those who faithfully purchased Daybreak Camp long ago for today’s ministry, and ensure that Daybreak will continue to pass on a legacy for generations to come.

As you can see “bridge the gap” has taken on a broader and more exciting meaning for Daybreak Camp. While completing the purchase of the Felton Meadows property remains our highest fundraising priority, we would also like to address the deferred maintenance needs of the facility.

But of course, we need you! As we continue to move forward with the Bridge the Gap fundraising efforts to retire the debt and improve facilities, we remain steadfast in prayer that you will be moved to “make a connection where there is a great difference” and partner with us to “bridge the gap.”

“I have picked three organizations that I believe are expanding God’s Kingdom and giving people a loving, accurate experience of Jesus Christ. Daybreak Camp is one of those organizations.” – Travis Pappa, volunteer & former camper.

Get in touch with us with any questions you may have! We love to hear from old and new friends.

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