Summer of Extraordinary

Summer of Extraordinary

Update #2

All the cabins have been funded… now on to the volunteering!

Check out our Hello letter to volunteers” which spells out the guidance from Santa Cruz County Health Dept. for our workdays!

Check below for the schedule of workdays.

The start of summer is always a special time at Daybreak as summer staff moves in, camp registrations fill up, and we prepare to welcome hundreds of campers whose lives will be forever changed throughout the camp season. 

But this year is different in every way, and camp is no exception. Due to restrictions outlined by the health department, our season has been cancelled entirely. Facing the prospect of a quiet summer void of campers, singing, laughter, games and pure joy got us thinking. Could we do something extraordinary with this unique experience? Could we turn this bleak reality into an amazing opportunity? What would God have us do with this time? 

UPDATE: All 9 cabins have been adopted!

Cabin 1 – Debbie Dawson, Debbie has started a “GoFundMe” page to fund her cabin. She also has a great story to tell!

Cabin 2 – Lafe, Lauren, Sunny & Lily Ray Family

Cabin 3 – Scott, Lynn, Megan, Katey, Emi & Spencer Holland Family

Cabin 4 – Team Gordo

Cabin 5 – Keith, Kimberly, Evan & Nolan Cox Family

Cabin 6 – Redwood Church

Cabin 7 – Mike & Joelle Lambert

Cabin 8 – Arjet, Amber, Leah, Idri, Sophie Skenduli Family

Cabin 9 – Team Tri Valley

Looking for a way to get involved? Consider donating to our cabin remodel project! Click here to make an online donation to the team of your choice or contact Rich to volunteer.

We plan to begin the project on July 8. As we get closer to the start and we receive guidance from Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency as to how we can host workdays we will keep you informed.

Summer of Extraordinary July Work Schedule

Summer of Extraordinary August Work Schedule

Summer of Extraordinary September Work Schedule

Summer of Extraordinary October Work Schedule


But we can’t do it without you and that’s why we are so excited to present this opportunity to our Daybreak Family. There are 9 cabins and 9 opportunities to adopt a cabin this summer and help make this dream a reality. Here’s how it works:


#1 Form a Team! This can be one or more families, a youth group, a young adult group, a whole church group…you get the picture!


#2 Raise the funds! Your team will donate $3,300 to cover the entire cost of one cabin upgrade. This includes all materials needed to complete upgrades to foundations, subfloors, interior framing, exterior siding, bunkbed updates, lighting upgrades, new doors, windows, paint, and landings. Click here to make your donation!


#3 Volunteer! We know this part will be tricky. As restrictions lift AND as you feel comfortable, we will host small work parties using safety protocols to accomplish this cabin project throughout the summer. We also know not every individual on a team will be able to volunteer, and that’s okay.


#4 Remove the cabin number and give it a new name! That’s right—your team gets to choose a name that will live on for years to come. It could be a family name, a nature name, an inspiring name, just NOT Covid…or 19…or Corona…! 


Are you ready to be part of Daybreak’s Summer of Extraordinary? Call or email us today and tell us which cabin you’d like to claim (this is on a first come, first served basis so don’t delay!). We’ll get you set up and provide you with next steps. You can also read further for our FAQs. We can’t wait to take this crazy time and do something great with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parameters of the Cabin Project

If we are unable to host volunteers, we intend to move forward with the project providing that each cabin has been funded. We will keep you up-to-date on progress made weekly. 

  • All cabins must be adopted by June 30th in order to begin this project.
  • Funds that are pledged in the month of June must be fulfilled in the month of July.
  • Although you may have chosen a cabin to adopt, you will most likely work on other cabins as well. It is more efficient to complete each scope of the project on all cabins at the same time. Several projects can be done simultaneously.

Scope of Work for Each Cabin

We hope to have this project completed by October 31 (generally this is the start of our rainy season).

  • Move all bunks to lower parking lot; repair and paint with industrial coating; remove all springs and install ½ inch plywood. 
  • Move all mattress to dining hall for cleaning, repair and recovering as needed.
  • Remove windows and doors.
  • Remove dirt from around each cabin to expose all dry rot and repair needs.
  • Remove extraneous hardware, i.e. intercom system, staples, nails, general weirdness.
  • Repair exterior dry rot.
  • Place electrical inside of 2×4 framing.
  • Add additional framing inside where needed in preparation for ¼ interior siding; reframe door frames in preparation for new doors.
  • Craft new windows using heavy duty hardware cloth and screen mesh with a wooden interior sliding door.
  • Install doors and windows.
  • Build landings (some wood, some concrete).
  • Paint interior.
  • Paint exterior.
  • Install LED lighting.
  • Re-install bunks.

Can we pick which cabin we want to adopt?

Yes, you can! However, cabins will be adopted on a first come, first served basis.

Will it be safe for me to volunteer?

At this time we are hoping to be able to begin hosting volunteers in July.  


  • We understand that this is an unusual time and that people have different comfort levels when it comes to social interaction. We want to keep this project as safe as we can. To that end, we plan to maintain safe distancing protocols, and mask protection will be up to you. 
  • We will have plenty of handwashing stations available in restrooms, as well as hand sanitizers throughout the project area. 


We will not utilize common dining areas (though we have plenty of room for social-distanced eating outside!), and you will be responsible for your own meals. Daybreak will provide prepackaged snacks. There are several local restaurants that provide takeout options as well.

What if I cannot volunteer?

Because of Covid-19, we anticipate some folks may not want to volunteer, and that is okay! We are committed to this project and plan to work diligently with whatever help we receive.

Can I donate to the cabin project without adopting a cabin?

Yes! Please contact Rich ( to establish your donation or click here to make an online donation. 

Can I stay overnight if I plan to work several days in a row?

Yes! Tenting and RVs are the best option. As of now we are unable to offer lodging.

Will Daybreak provide meals?


You will be responsible for your own meals; Daybreak will provide prepackaged snacks. There are several local restaurants that provide takeout options as well.



Can I bring my youth group? For the day? Overnight?

  • Yes!
  • All groups must be committed to the work.
  • All members of the group must adhere to Covid-19 protocol.
  • All groups will need to provide their own meals.
  • If staying overnight, each person will need to bring their own tent.